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Temaris Sexy Wedding Scheme (Naruto) [English] [Digital]

You may have been an avid admirer of Naruto Uzumaki’s adventures however did you wonder where the story would be in the event that Naruto and Temari were to get married? The parody comics will give the opportunity to take a closer look at this scenario! And even though it won’t have any impact on any storylines, one thing is for certain – the wedding night they’ll have be sleepless!

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Favorite Emblem Characters

We now have an intimate network of three wealthy girlfriends who are sexy. Every one of them has their own story that you just will see during this pornography comic. It is possible to see that women interact in depraved sexual relations with one another, as well as fuck with strangers. They also engage in a variety of sexy things. These women are likely to be recognized as heroines of your Manga. They are the heroines in your favourite Manga. You'd like to know the secret and discover what adventures they'll encounter. Let's start immediately with the comic.

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[Pink Pawg] Tsunade and Her Assistants (Naruto)

Tsunade is a sexy and athletic woman, rented an office. Naruto was invited to see it. Tsunade stunned him by stripping off her clothing to show her athletic physique and large boobs. Tsunade then leaps up on Naruto, sucking his fat cock. Then she kisses Naruto and makes her have a sexy relationship with her. Tsunade then starts to lick Naruto's feet. Let's see the next chapter of the comic right now.

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[Naruho-dou (Naruhodo)] Jungle GO (Naruto) [English] [Colorized]

Another sunny day on the lone island makes it the ideal spot for Sakura to raise her child however, she must be extremely cautious since whenever she breastfeeds in public, it always makes Naruto very sexy! However, don’t be too worried because in our story Sakura has a boobie that is big enough to feed multiple people! In addition, she has beautiful lady Tsunade as a helper.

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